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HIRING A DJwhat you need to know:
When you consider all the elements needed to make your event great, you might think the hall, food, and ambience are important. We realize that every vendor involved in planning your event will tell you, “Don’t skimp here!” If you believe as we do, that the entertainment is responsible for 80% of the success of your event, then plan accordingly. Eventually it comes down to value. The fact is that average DJs charge an average price. Below average DJs charge a below average price, and above average DJs charge an above average price. You’ll be happy to know that we are above average.

What is different about Funnsongs Productions?

We are real musicians who write play and perform music. Many DJ companies hire friendly people who are outgoing but they have almost no idea of music or it's history. Would you really want a DJ who has little or no connection to music? With 25 years plus experience in the music business we really know what to play for a great musical moment. We have performance experience so that we know when to be interactive or NOT. All of these things are important to us because music is our passion. We believe the price one pays for entertainment is directly proportional to the quality of service they receive, which is proportional to the success of their event.

We have a very wide price range depending on the type of event, number of staff, and level of customization.

We can make a more precise recommendation after discussing your needs. With all of our events we offer unlimited consultations because it takes time to plan the perfect event. Our customization service offers everything from live entertainment to interactive games all to make your event unique. The evening's detailed agenda is written out ahead of time so that nothing is forgotten. Special guests of honor are never forgotten because we take time not just to find out names but we find out about relationships. All this helps us make your night the best it can be. We may charge more than a person who buys equipment, and has very little training and calls himself a 

"DJ" but we DO MORE, we produce events that are Guaranteed. We want your event to be better than you ever thought it could. We will do everything to help you plan the entire evening so that it is your very own. We want you to be thrilled–or your money back!

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